Retaining Walls in Northborough, MA

Pisa II

Textured face with distinctive horizontal lines. Tongue and groove securely locks units together.

Stretcher 6"h x 8"w x 12"d

Full Cap 6"h x 8"w x 12"d

Half Unit 6"h x 4"w x 12"d

Corner Right & Left 6"h x 8"w x12"l

Roman Pisa

Suggestive cobblestone appearance. Many patterns and blends available to create a unique New England Wall. Creative to your heart's desire. Roman Pisa is a versatile block.

Contact us for details.


Easy installation for curved landscaped beds.

4"h x 12"w x 8"d (3 pcs/sq. ft.)

28 lbs each

Gravity Stone

No mortar no more! Enhance your front entrance yourself! Contact us for details.

Contact us for details.


Beveled front textured face suggests a natural quarried stone wall. Stonewall creates a majestical scene in the most remote areas.

8"h x 12"w x 12"d

1.5 pcs/sq. ft.

47 lbs